Kerbey Harrington LLP

Our Services

Licensing and Permitting
TIG has unmatched experience in negotiating the largest and most complex telecommunications licenses ever completed in the United States. TIG also has extensive experience in the permitting and siting of important telecommunications real estate assets throughout the U.S.

Lobbying & Regulatory Action
On behalf of its clients, TIG has provided testimony to the United States Congress, the Federal Communications Commission, The Massachusetts Department of Telecommunications and Cable, The New York Public Service Commission, Rhode Island Department of Public Utilities and many other regulatory bodies. In addition, the TIG team has appeared before hundreds of municipal legislative bodies throughout the United States.

Infrastructure Planning and Consulting
TIG works with land developers to properly plan for energy and technology requirements for large scale developments. TIG has a proven track record of helping to “future proof” land developments while creating ongoing revenue streams for developers.

Private Fiber Optic Networks
TIG has been at the forefront of the deployment of new fiber optic networks across the nation. TIG was the lead consultant group responsible for financing, build-out and implementation of a major metropolitan network in Greater Boston linking the traditional hospitals of Boston to the emerging Biotechnology industry in Cambridge and beyond. TIG has done similar work in Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles and Seattle.

Wireless Networks
TIG has been the lead firm on some of the nation’s largest deployments of neutral wireless networks. These efforts include a neutral wireless system for transit authorities that bring wireless coverage to subway tunnels and commuter rail systems.